Who is CycloneCovers?​

CycloneCovers comprises of a group of professionals who, well, cycle to live.


For years, the solution to protecting our prized possession, has often come at and with a price. Apart from being expensive, conventional bicycle covers are usually opaque and ugly, which do injustice to the craftsmen who spends years perfecting our beautiful rides.


In short, they deserve to be shown off.


So, in our quest to find an effective yet affordable answer, CycloneCovers has created the world's first trapezoidal-design, clear bicycle cover, fully capable of protecting all bikes against:


  • UV and resulted degradation;

  • Dirt, dust, rain, snow and other natural elements that create more harm than just rust.


And we are so confident that it would fit - both your bike and expectation - we provide a full money-back guarantee.


CycloneCovers Bike Covers - created for the enthusiasts, by the enthusiasts.